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Top Hidden Features of Spotify Premium [2024]

features of spotify premium

Unlimited Features of Spotify Premium make it a different music application. In the Premium Version of it, all of the features are extraordinary and can be used by everyone. Many of the Spotify features are well known but some of the gems are hidden by everyone which we discuss in this article. So, read this article carefully to learn about the top hidden features of Spotify and enjoy the music with your friends and family.

What are the Hidden Features of Spotify Premium?

Hidden features are gems that are not known by many of the users of Spotify. Many of the features of Spotify are those even not known by the professionals of Spotify. Spotify Premium and free features both are used commonly and also these hidden features are included in the Premium and free versions of it but not known by the users. So, our team will try their best to elaborate on these features and explain every aspect of Spotify.


features of spotify premium

Cover Images

This feature is one of the best features of Spotify premium that is not known by the maximum users of Spotify. In this cover image feature, you can change the cover image of your playlist from your device. The method to change the cover image of the Playlist is simple and easy. You should click on the three-dot menu of Spotify. After doing that go to settings and edit the Playlist image. Then you should put an image in that playlist from your device. So, this feature of a custom Playlist cover image is just amazing for uploading your favorite image on the Playlist cover.

features of spotify premium

Private Session

Private Session is another feature of Spotify that is not known by many of the users of it. With this feature, you can private yourself while listening to music. When you are listening to music and you do not like that others see you you can enable the private session and can listen to the music for free. For a Private Session, You should go to your profile settings and select the private session from there. This will help you to prevent your listening activities from being shared with others.

features of spotify premium

Sleep Time

This feature of Spotify Pro Mod Apk will make your day if you want to listen to your favorite songs with your family and friends. With the help of this feature simply you can make a collaborative playlist in which you can share the link of that playlist with your friends and family. After sharing the link with them they will be able to add songs to this playlist and in this way, you can listen to these songs with your friends and family.

features of spotify premium

Weekly Discovery

This feature of Spotify will help you to suggest some amazing songs that you will not hear during your listening period. This feature will help you discover the weekly songs that will conclude with the new songs and enhance your listening habits. You can find this feature on the home tab of Spotify which is named Made for You. So, from there you can use this feature to enjoy Spotify Music.

features of spotify premium


This feature will help you to organize your saved songs that are present in the playlist. You can use this feature to organize your songs into folders for easy navigation. The method to organize your saved music is you create a folder from your library on the desktop application. After the creation of the folder, you can drag and drop your songs into the folder for easy use.

features of spotify premium


These features of Spotify will provide you with the mini-games that are hidden within Spotify. This feature will also provide you with easter eggs within the app.  If you want to find these hidden games then these games will be in the search bar of Spotify. For example, Tetris is a game and you can find this game by searching it on Spotify.

Ending Thoughts

All these features are top features of Spotify Premium which are hidden in the Spotify application. Everyone can get access to these features simply by installing the application of Spotify. The Point is that everyone should learn the use of Spotify first to get access to these hidden features. These features of spotify are gems and are available in both the free and Premium versions of Spotify. So, You should download the latest version of Spotify Mod Apk from our website and enjoy all of these gems features for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can customize the transition between the songs on Spotify with the help of the crossfade feature which is one of the hidden features in Spotify. You can use this feature for the smooth transitions of songs.

You can get these hidden features in the free and premium versions of Spotify by exploring the settings, menu, and different options.

Yes, you can use these features for free without any payment. If you want to get access to all of these features then you should explore every aspect of Spotify. Also, you can get these features if you download Spotify from our website.

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